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We are a team of professionals who have been making documentaries for National Geo for 15 years. 4 years ago we decided to launch portal in Slovak language in cooperation with NG (our owner comes from Slovakia). In a short time, we became the most-read portal in Central Europe thanks to cooperation with many countries, their embassies, etc. Then we decided to launch a portal in English, where we will publish promotional videos of hotels, so that the interested customer does not have to look for them, but can find them all in one place. At the moment we have more than 750 videos published.

Due to the excellent collaborations abroad, either directly with hotels or with hotel chain owners, we were approached to cover reviews of their hotels/resorts within Central Europe. Partners invite us on stays to write a “slightly different” review of their hotel. They can always count on our absolute correctness and positive way of writing reviews.

A positive Travelista review does not mean that we are feeding readers an untruth. On the contrary! Since we travel exclusively as a family to these reviews, we write them in a way that tries to point out the positives of what we have experienced. We try to leave out the negative stuff – unless it’s really something that could absolutely ruin your eventual stay. Of course, we inform the hotel owners about such things as a matter of priority. If we come across something really bad (it hasn’t happened so far), then in the interest of the reader, we will alert the owner to these facts and inform them that we refuse to publish the review (this is our right, also anchored in the cooperation agreement).

So, if we publish the review – we stand by it!

The Travelista project is built on 3 basic pillars:

  1. We only write about places where we have personally been
  2. We stand behind every review and can defend it
  3. We don’t cheap out or jump at every offer.

So please take some time to read through the options we provide.
If we have prices listed somewhere, they are firm and we stand behind them indiscriminately!

For PR or commercial offers, please email us at

We have a very clear editorial policy:
Please note that we do not accept requests for any guest articles. Please do not contact us with an offer of content that would be “of interest to our readers”, this is entirely up to us to decide. We know our readers best, we know what they respond to and what they don’t. Plus, this blog is about our personal journeys and experiences, not yours.

We like to get involved, support, and showcase the brands we have used or are using in our travels and love. So, if you think TRAVELISTA is the right platform for your product or service and it’s travel-related, please feel free to contact me.

WE DO NOT write about any hotels or places we have not visited.
If we receive any compensation (financial or experiential) for any article, review, or mention, it will be clearly stated. If we like a place, you’ll find out – if we don’t like a place, believe me, you’ll find out too!

This is the TOP package of the TRAVELISTA portal. We carefully choose our project partners and promote them in the maximum form during the whole duration of cooperation. The partnership is normally concluded for 1 year. The partner’s logo is displayed on all pages of the portal, in every newsletter. This applies to the TRAVELISTA portal, but also to the portal, where we publish promotional videos of hotels. The portal is in English.

Now a bit of numbers… has monthly traffic of almost 800 thousand visitors. These are mostly SK and CZ visitors (60:40 ratio). The newsletter is currently subscribed to by 436 743 subscribers. As our portal works closely with a number of embassies, we also send every hotel review to these partners in English and French. has monthly traffic of almost 3.8 million visitors from all over the world. The newsletter is currently subscribed to by 4 596 755 subscribers.

In case the VIP Partner package for 1 year would be interesting for you, you will receive:

  • Hotel review
  • Unlimited space for PR articles
  • Your logo among the Partners of the portal
  • 300x300px advertising space in the sidebar for 6 months
  • Your logo in every newsletter sent throughout the year (2-3 times a week).
  • 1x newsletter contest for a hotel stay – not mandatory

  • Publication of a promo video of your hotel
  • Your logo among the Partners of the portal
  • 300x300px advertising space in the sidebar for 6 months
  • Your logo in every newsletter sent out throughout the year (2-3 times a week)

The value of the VIP Partner package is EUR 5,990.

This package can also be fulfilled by barter in the ratio 50:50. This means that we would use your hotel services (voucher) at a value of €3,000 and €2,990 would be the invoiced amount.

Partners of portal:


Invite to get to know your product or service. We will then share our experience with our readers. If we think the product, service, or destination is a good fit and of interest to our audience, we will be happy to take you up on your offer.

There is no charge for this service, but please note that all our possible travel costs (own transport for SR, CR, HU, PL, or air transport for others) MUST be covered separately.

Reviews of travel products (suitcases, clothing, accessories, etc.) are not something we do on a regular basis, so they are only available as sponsored articles. Please see below for more information.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We do reviews EXCLUSIVELY based on a personal stay in the hotel because we want to give readers a real experience of the stay and not a PR story. This is where we are different and we want to stay that way.

We do hotel reviews primarily as we mentioned earlier. We agree to offer a review after considering the location and the offer we receive from the partner (owner) of the establishment. Since we travel exclusively as a family of 2+2 for reviews, we take into account the offer itself as well as the options in the area…

The price of this service is determined by our minimum requirements for the client’s offer:

  • Accommodation:  2 adults + 2 children (5 and 10 years old)
  • Date of stay: by agreement
  • Min. number of nights: 2 (for SK) / 3 (for CZ) / 4 (for AT, HU, PL) / 5 (for other countries)
  • Parking for 1 car – valid for hotels in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria and for hotels in Poland up to 400 km from Bratislava (Slovakia), otherwise the following point applies:
  • Air transport from Bratislava or Vienna airport to the partner country and back + car transfer from the airport to the hotel and back – valid for hotels in Poland over 400 km from Bratislava (Slovakia) and other countries.
  • min. Half board (Full board / All Inclusive is an advantage)
  • soft drinks and coffee
  • Access to the wellness / spa center (if available)

Anything extra such as a daily program, city guide, entrances to partner facilities, etc. are benefits that we take into individual consideration in the form of offering an extra separate story, advertising space, logo among partners, etc.

After the publication of the REVIEW, the hotel received a prestigious sticker in English…

Reviews ordered in the nearest time :

  • Hotel Vision Budapest, Hungary – September    √ 31. 8. – 3. 9. 2023
  • Hotel Regent Porto, Montenegro – September
  • Hôtel Nendaz 4 Vallées & Spa, Nendaz, Switzerland – October
Offer for REVIEW (valid for countries other than SK and CZ hotels)
Enter the basic parameters of your offer for TRAVELISTA to review your hotel.
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Enter a link to your site
Hotel address
Contact person
Minimum nights stay
Write room type (name)

Would you like to have a Sponsored post on our website (Please note that 99% of requests are rejected due to their nature or inappropriateness, i.e. they do not add value to our readers). Please DO NOT contact us with an offer to buy random backlinks. We do not sell them and we do not buy them!

Price of this service: 750 EUR if written by the brand / 1250 EUR if written by us

Please note that we do not participate in group Press trips. Our brand is about our personal travel experiences that we have experienced (alone – not in a group). If you represent a client who would consider a private Press trip, please feel free to contact us.

There is no charge for this service, but please note that all of our travel expenses must be covered.

A great way to connect with our readers is to provide them with a gift of appropriate value and brand character in the form of a reader contest. Typically, these giveaway contests have a duration of 10 days where they are promoted through our social email platforms and emailed to all of our subscribers.

Number of subscribers: 436 743  (Travelista) / 4 596 755 (
The price of this service starts from 1 250 EUR.

Different formats available in the sidebar of the website, in specific posts and in the newsletter.

Find out about prices (min. spend 250 EUR/month).

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