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From history to the present



Founding of DARCstudio – Travel Movie Production


Start of filming documentary series for National Geographic


Launch of the travel portal for the Central Europe market.


Connecting a strategic partner to the project: National Geographic.
This connection means not only a logo change, but also a decision not to publish any advertising* that might be a nuisance to our readers. That’s why you will NEVER find Google network ads, etc. with us.

* – does not apply to short-term advertising of our VIP partners in the form of a 300 x 300 px banner in the sidebar of our posts


Launch of the project for the global market.
Start of cooperation with VIP partners of both projects.


Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, more people are starting to read internet portals. Traffic to has shot up 350% year-on-year and we have exceeded 500,000 visits per month for the first time. The number of newsletter subscribers has also risen to around 430,000.

We started publishing videos of hotels from all over the world. At the moment over 400 hotel videos are available.


We have exceeded 600 000 visits per month.
The number of newsletter subscribers surpassed 510 000.
Over 600 hotel videos are now available.


We still maintain a traffic in the range of 500 to 600 thousand visits per month.
The number of newsletter subscribers has reached 550,000. We have conducted an A/B test of newsletter opening and reading with the result that on average 67% of subscribers open our newsletter and about 42% of respondents read or click on the link.
Over 600 hotel videos are now available.


On the suggestion of hotels, we are launching the HOTEL REVIEWS category, where we publish hotel reviews. We are focusing on European hotels at the moment, while we are also trying to include Slovak and Czech hotels in the reviews.
We divide the reviews into “Mystery” and “Sponsored”.
Mystery reviews – are not announced in advance by the hotel and all costs for these reviews are covered by National Geographic.
Sponsored reviews – are offers from hotels to publish a review where the hotel covers all services associated with the stay.

Current average traffic is over 600 thousand visits per month. (September 30, 2023)
The number of newsletter subscribers is 608,244 (30 September 2023)
There are 774 hotel videos published.

Current opportunities for cooperation

VIP partner &
4 999 € 1 year

VIP partner package for 1 year for both portals includes:

  • – Hotel review
  • – unlimited space for PR articles
  • – Your logo among the portal partners
  • – 300x300px advertising space in the sidebar for 3 x 2 months
  • – Your logo in every newsletter sent throughout the year (2-3 times a week).
    – 1x contest in the newsletter for a stay in the hotel – not mandatory

  • – Publication of a promo video of your hotel (supplied by the client)
  • – Your logo among the partners of the portal
  • – Advertising space 300x300px in the sidebar for 3 x 2 months
  • – Your logo in every newsletter sent throughout the year (2-3 times a week)

This package can also be executed with a 50:50 barter ratio. This means that we would use your hotel services (unlimited voucher) worth €3,000 and €1,999 would be the invoiced amount.

Sponsored review
FREE 1 review

We do reviews EXCLUSIVELY on the basis of a personal stay in a given hotel because we want to convey to readers a real experience of the stay and not a PR story. This is where we are different and we want to stay that way.

We require:

  • Accommodation: 2 adults + 2 children (5 and 11 years old)
  • Date of stay: negotiable
  • – Min. number of nights: 2 (for Slovakia) / 3 (for Czech Republic) / 4 (for AT, HU, PL) / 5 (other countries) or by agreement
  • Parking for 1 car – valid for Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Poland – valid for hotel up to 700 km from Bratislava (Slovakia), otherwise additional point applies:
    or Air transport from Bratislava or Vienna airport to the partner country and back + transfer from the airport to the hotel and back.
  • – min. Full board (or all inclusive preferably)
  • – Soft drinks and coffee
  • Entrance to wellness, spa, activities in the surroundings, etc. (if available)

Anything extra such as daily program, guide, entrances to partner facilities, etc. are benefits that we take into account separately in the form of offering extra separate article, advertising space, logo among partners, etc.

FREE car

Primarily this is a loan of a car from your offer for the purpose of a hotel review. These are trips to hotels in Slovakia, Czech Republic, HU, PL, AT with a maximum mileage of up to 1 000 – 2 000 km per review. This way we could rotate cars from your fleet during each review.

We are not opposed to long-term car loan for all editorial activities, in which case you would be an “exclusive partner of the mobility portal” and we would specify the possibilities of your presentation separately.

In return, your brand logo would appear among the VIP partners of the portal and would also be listed directly in the review calendar – when you click on the review date.

We will also take photos from each review, where for exterior photos we plan to take photos so that your car appears as “product placement”.

Also, your logo and car photo will also appear in the newsletter sent out as a promo of the hotel review.

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