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Advertising formats: Weekly magazine Travelista

Cover 1

Extra cover of a weekly magazine with a photo of the respondent tied to the Interview of the Week.


  • Press quality photo
  • CMYK
  • 300 Dpi

  • PARTNER discount 30% off the price


    Cover 2

    Image cover of the weekly magazine with a photo, claim and logo without being tied to an interview, advertisement, etc.


  • Photo with a simple claim and logo.
  • The top third of the photo must not contain any text or logo due to the Travelista logo protection zone
  • PDF, 300 Dpi, CMYK

  • PARTNER discount 20% off the price



    Advertisement 1/1 of A4 page inside the weekly magazine placed on the right page.


  • PDF
  • 300 Dpi, CMYK

  • PARTNER discount 30% off the price



    1/1 page PR post placed on the right side of the magazine


  • MS Word or Apple Pages
  • max. 500 word / 3000 characters with spaces
  • Print quality photo

  • PPARTNER discount 20% off the price


    Advertising formats: website Travelista

    Press release

    Publication of the supplied press release

    Position: website

  • Section: press releases
  • Links: no-follow

  • PARTNER discount 100% off the price


    WEB post

    Publication of a PR post

    Location: website

  • Section: by destination
  • Links: do-follow

  • PARTNER discount 50% off the price



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    These issue previews are used solely to illustrate the individual advertising space in Travelista magazine. They are not full-fledged editions for readers !!!

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