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Offer for cooperation

Our partners


Dear future partner

My name is Juraj and I would like to contact you about cooperation under the auspices of the National Geographic Channel (NG). My company, DARCstudio Ltd., has been producing travel documentaries for NG for 16 years, and I am also the owner of the most famous travel magazine in Central Europe.

In cooperation with NG, we are preparing a new documentary series “With family around the world,” in which we will present reviews of hotels and resorts for families with children, and we will also focus on the country’s history, monuments, and culture.

We launched the pilot project in cooperation with the Cyprus Tourism Organisation in 2018, but the pandemic suspended this project. Nevertheless, we managed to prepare several articles and videos from our 10-day stay, which had a positive response.

As our magazine follows more than 1 million people a month, I believe you will be interested in my offer.

What we require from you:

  1. Stay in your facility.
    (Stay for at least 7-10 days. The date will be agreed upon by both parties.)
  2. Accommodation
    (Accommodation for 2 adults and 2 children, ages 4 and 9). (The room will be used in the recorded video documentary.)
  3. Transfer
    (Arrange a transfer from the airport on the day of arrival and also a transfer to the airport on the day of departure.)
  4. All-inclusive
    (An all-inclusive concept throughout the day, including coffee and local drinks.)
  5. Optional
    (car during the stay, guide service, voucher for a la carte restaurant/massage/water park, etc.)

What we offer you during a one year of cooperation::

  1. Partner logo
    (Placement of your logo among partners for 1 year. The Partner section is displayed in all articles and pages of the portal.)Like this:
  2. 12x post
    (At least one post per month for a year about you and your country.)
  3. 5-star review
    (We will publish a full review of you, including photos and videos.)
  4. Newsletter
    (We promote reviews and articles in the newsletter, which we send to more than 1.5 million registered readers)
  5. Video
    (We will produce a series of videos about you, the country, services, etc.)

That is all. There is no money, only barter cooperation!!!

Hey! The holiday season is approaching...

Don't miss the unique opportunity to present for 1 year.

Send us an email with an offer and we will immediately agree on a possible date.

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